About us

The Applied and Computational Complex Analysis group in Brazil (ACCA-BR) aims at bringing together expertise from mathematical physics and applied mathematics to tackle important challenges in applied and computational complex analysis, with a view to fostering synergetic interaction and collaboration.

The ACCA-BR group is part of a worldwide network that includes the ACCA network in the United Kingdom (ACCA-UK) and the ACCA group in Japan (ACCA-JP).

The mission of the ACCA network is to foster a collaborative environment for intradisciplinary research challenges involving any and all aspects of applied complex analysis, including numerical methods and computational schemes based on complex analysis and conformal geometry. The range of interests of the members spans the physical sciences (fluid mechanics, solid mechanics) and mathematical physics, through to more mathematical topics such as function and operator theory, random matrix theory, spectral analysis and integrable systems.

The ACCA-BR group currently conducts research projects on function theory and its application to potential theory, Hele-Shaw free boundary flows, vortex dynamics in multiply connected domains, conformal growth models, Loewner evolutions, Liouville field theory and its application to interface dynamics.

The ACCA-BR group is supported in part by a Research Grant from the Brazilian agency CAPES that accompanies the "Special Visiting Researcher" fellowship awarded to Prof. Darren Crowdy, Imperial College London, from the Science Without Border program in Brazil.

Professor Giovani Vasconcelos
Professor Bruno Carneiro da Cunha
Prof. Humberto Viglioni
Dr. Mark Mineev-Weinstein
Tiago Anselmo da Silva

Contact us

Head of Group:
Professor Giovani Vasconcelos

Postal Address:
Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Cidade Universitária, 50670-901, Recife, PE, Brazil

  • Tel: +55-81 2126-7615
  • Email: giovani.vasconcelos at ufpe.br